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  • What is ELTAM

    What is ELTAM

    ELTAM (English Language Teachers' Association of Macedonia) is a professional association of people who are involved in ELT... read more

  • 9th ELTAM - IATEFL-TESOL International Biannual Conference

    9th ELTAM - IATEFL-TESOL International Biannual Conference

    ELTAM would like to invite you to its 9th International Biannual Conference read more

  • Announcements and News

    Announcements and News

    Results from ELTAM competitions for primary and secondary schools. read more

  • ELTAM Newsletter

    ELTAM Newsletter

    The ELTAM Newsletter contains information on ELTAM-related activities and articles on up-to-date ELT matters. The Spring edition is out. read more

What is ELTAM?


ELTAM is the national English Language Teachers' Association of the Republic of Macedonia. It is an associate member of IATEFL UK and TESOL USA.

ELTAM provides a forum which unites ELT professionals from across the Republic of Macedonia engaged in teaching, studying and conveying research on both the English language and literature, in a methodological context. Its primary goal is to encourage mutual support and make opportunities available for professional development of its members, with the view of improving English language instruction in the country and raising the level of English language learning and acquisition across a broad spectrum of Macedonian professionals, working in different institutions and at various levels.

Mission statement

ELTAM unites and assists ESL professionals in their efforts for best teaching practices in correlation with the needs of the Macedonian society at large.

Headquarters and Office


The official address of ELTAM is: Ul. "Orce Nikolov" 155a, 1000 Skopje, Republic of Macedonia.